Friday, November 19, 2010

NotD – Glitzy Stripes

Isn’t it annoying when you’re mid-nailpainting, reaching for your camera and it’s out of charge? It’s not like you can easily change the batteries without ruining the polish. So I got to wait for a few hours until I could continue. Boo.
But enough with the lame excuses. I’m also rather lazy right now, so I did some quick diagonal stripes with very petty colours.

Here’s what I used:

  • NailTek Intensive Therapy II
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
  • claire’s super speed nail polish black
  • LOOK by BIPA Nail Quickie 16 Poison
  • s-he 471
  • Seche Vite

Today I started with one coat of NailTek, then two coats of Diamond Strength (since my nails are break-tastic right now) followed by one coat of claire’s black and Seche Vite.

I’ve reviewed claire’s super speed nail polish in black before, so I won’t delve into that sucky application and brush again (pretty black, though). But here’s another photo of it in one coat with Seche Vite:

There’s not much skill involve here, I simply applied Poison more or less diagonally across the nail…

…and then repeated the step with 471, leaving a stripe of Poison visible, and added some Seche Vite.

Though this is not the most thrilling mani ever I love how these colours look next to each other. Stark black crème perfectly complements the teal shimmer and foil-like icy blue silver. I especially like how the dark base enhances the otherwise fairly subtle bright blue sparkle in Poison (which I really need to swatch, btw).
Anyone else feeling autumnally sleepy? I’d get a caffeine drip, but that would make me even sleepier. ;-)

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