Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NotD – Mighty Dorkiness

This so-called nail art baffles me a bit. It’s random and not related to a fandom I actually know/follow. Bloody Power Rangers, I haven’t seen a single episode. I have, however watched every episode of Linkara’s History of the Power Rangers. That guy can make anything amusing to me… I also don’t really read comics, especially not your classic American stuff since I grew up with Belgian comics (like Yoko Tsuno or Gaston) and now prefer manga, but still watch his reviews like an obsessed maniac.

So for this manicure I painted my nails in some of the traditional Ranger colours and then agonised over the decision of whether to use the designs from only one series or to mix them up. After actually looking the costumes up it became quite obvious that most would have been a real bitch to paint, so I decided to use the diamond shape from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on my left hand and to try out the weird whatchamacallit from Lightspeed Rescue on my right hand (which I subsequently completely messed up, so I won’t show you). And even my left hand isn’t as neat as I’d like, but here it is, pure dorkiness:

2010-11-30 NotD Mighty Dorkiness

If you like snarky critique you should check out Linkara’s videos, they’re beyond amusing. Ever since I watched his Amazons Attack review I automatically add ‘my god’ whenever I read or hear someone say ‘bees.’ Such is the power of that guy.

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