Monday, November 8, 2010

Swatches – essence space queen & what do u think?

Somehow rhinestone manis always last longer (unless I pick the little buggers off, of course). So due to that fact, my tendency to procrastinate when I have to deal with difficult polish removal (damn 10ish coats) and my reluctance to re-patch my nails more often than necessary (and my patches rarely survive vigorous application of acetone-y removers) I’ve decided to post a couple of swatches tonight. Also, I have no inspiration whatsoever right now. I do have an idea for tomorrow, though. Also upcoming: swatches and reviews of essence’s metallics (which are magnetic).
I’ve mentioned both essence polishes in a previous post and swatched them back then. In a surprising burst of good sense I even took notes. Which are now gone and have probably vanished forever… or they’ll show up tomorrow. Who knows.
As usual the first photo was taken in two coats without top coat, the second one in three coats with top coat.

essence colour&go 04 space queen

space queen is an excellent layering polish or for lovers of sheer glitter polishes. The base is an extremely sheer pale pink which looks more opaque in the bottle than it is. The lovely part is the moderately densely packed multicoloured glitter, all the same size and square. Though I prefer round and hexagonal glitter, I do adore some basic squares on occasion. As I’ve already said, space queen is utterly sheer, but three coats provide a nice amount of glitter.
This polish is without flaw, in my opinion. It’s rather gloopy, as essence’s glitter polishes are wont to be – and I’ve never had any of them settle or separate – and coats tend to be slightly thicker, so give them a bit longer to dry between coats. You’re probably sick of me saying this, but I really like the flat brushes used for the colour&go polishes. space queen’s brush is no exception.


essence colour&go 22 what do u think?

*sighs* Is it so hard to write ‘you?’ Anyway, I’m not too hot on what do u think? as I’m not into salmon-y colours that much. This one is a rather creamy shade of coral/salmon with fairly subtle golden microglitter. And this polish practically glows. Scary. The combination is interesting, but not something I can get excited about. what do u think? is almost fully opaque in two coats.
As before I had no particular issues applying this. It’s not as gloopy as space queen, but still rather thick. what do u think? does apply smoothly, though. As for the brush, it’s the same as space queen’s.


Of those two polishes, space queen clearly is a winner for me, even though I’ll mostly use it for layering.
And is it just my imagination or am I bracket-happy tonight?

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