Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swatches – essence TE metallics

I don’t know how many of these are still available (bad swatching procrastinatrix!), but here are the polishes from essence’s latest trend edition metallics. Like the last few times there are five colours, and all are gorgeous (even the browns, which I don’t normally love).

essence metallics magnetic nail polish

All five apply like a dream, smoothly and almost perfectly even in one coat. The round brushes seem to be a bit smaller than most of essence's LE ones, but they are supple, easy to control and do their job admirably. Only one colour really shows brush marks. These polishes dry quickly, but you’ll probably want to use a top coat nevertheless as they are not very shiny. All polishes are opaque in two coats.
Unsurprisingly there’s also a small magnet available which attracts parts of the glitter and thus causes parallel lines to appear on the nail when held closely to the still wet polish. The magnet is not very strong, though, and I found that just holding it stationary will not work very well, the lines only appear on those parts of the nail closest to the magnet. I think a flexible magnet sheet that can be shaped to follow the curve of one’s nails would be more useful than to slowly move the magnet (which really doesn’t work that well).

For these swatch photos I applied two coats, magnetised the ring finger nail and applied top coat. The index finger nail is matte for your viewing pleasure.

01 iron goddess

This gentle brown is just packed with silver shimmer particles. I would have expected a more rusty reddish colour rather than this very cool brown, considering the name iron goddess.
When confronted with a magnet, the shimmer jumps to attention and forms silvery lines, leaving the spaces in between a clear brown.

02 copper rulez!

The base colour of copper rulez! is a darker brown than iron goddess’. And though I again disagree with the name - this isn't truly coppery - it gains a lot of warmth through the golden shimmer and orangey-golden glitter particles.
Here the golden specks accumulate and leave stripes of darker brown behind.

03 steel me

steel me is an interesting shade of darkish grey with a bit of beige – though it can look like a proper blueish steel grey in the right light - and silver particles ranging from shimmer to medium-sized glitter.
The silver glitter seemed to react more strongly to the magnetic field, I actually saw little ridges rising with this one. And as you can see, the lines are more visible than with the other colours.

04 nothing else metals

I had to sporfle in a rather undignified way when I read the name of this polish. Epic Win! And the colour is fab, too: nothing else metals is a shimmery gold with an sweet olive tone. This was the polish with the most visible brush marks.
Amazingly, exposing this polish to a magnet reveals holo microglitter that is virtually invisible normally. Fantastic effect!

05 metal battle

This is the only one that isn’t magnetic, so don’t bother trying (I did and *gasp* nothing happened). metal battle has a black base with multicoloured microglitter – lots of green and pink. Just my kind of polish! It reminds me of one of The Body Shop's old shimmer cubes, which contained a gorgeous charcoal eyeshadow with multicoloured sparkles. This polish is slightly less opaque than the other four colours, so if you tend to apply very thin coats you may need a third one.
I absolutely adore this colour, and it’s also divine with matte top coat.

If you can find any of these polishes, grab ‘em, they’re worth it. Unless you only wear crème polish, of course. ;-)

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