Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Swatches - MNY I Am A Jungle Chick

Let’s take a look at the polishes from MNY’s current LE, I Am A Jungle Chick. Once again there are three nail polishes and a bunch of other things that didn’t grip me so much.

MNY my varnish 306A

This polish is a bit hard to describe. The base is a dark brownish grey with a slight greenish undertone, but it really looks like a dark olive green due to the greenish golden semi-chunky glitter. 306A needs three coats for full coverage.
The application was smooth and lovely with evenly dispersed glitter. The relatively narrow flat brush is easy to handle. Love.

Here’s 306A in two coats without top coat:

And this is 306A in three coats with top coat:

MNY my varnish 307A

Now this is a very wearable green. It’s warm and soft, not obnoxiously shimmery, making me think about especially pretty bugs. And it’s fully opaque in two coats, though one carefully applied thickish coat can work.
307A applies very nicely with barely any brush marks. It levels smoothly and even the first coat is free of streaks as long as one isn’t too careless. I just love MNY’s flat brush, it make a clean application so easy.

This is 307A in two coats with top coat:

MNY my varnish 308A

308A is a deep rich pinkish red shimmer polish, almost a bright, vibrant burgundy colour. An unexpected bonus: most people, with the exception of rabid opacicists, will be able to wear this in one coat. I applied two because I once again get to cover up an icky patch.
This polish applies like a dream, despite the inevitable, though subtle, brush marks. As with the other two colours, the brush is excellent and glides easily. I don’t love 308A as much as the other two colours, but I know a lot of gals will adore this.

Here’s 308A in two coats with top coat:

I find all three polishes very wearable and pretty. The shimmery green and the glittery olivey one are right up my alley and I even like the burgundy colour, though that's more of a toenail colour for me. But they all apply beautifully and are much more opaque than the other MNY polishes I've tried. I hope all of MNY's future polishes are that lovely.

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