Saturday, December 18, 2010

Comparison – Purple Daze

I’m loving purple polish right now, who knows why. So these past few days I’ve been wearing two new purples, which I’ll show you in this post.

L.A. Girl Rock Star NL 132 Groupie

Groupie is a bright mid-purple, which in the bottle appears to be extremely densely packed with electric blue and magenta microglitter. It positively glows. However, the amount of particles is not as great as it appears and it needs three coats for perfect coverage.
This polish applies very smoothly, it’s even in two coats and shows no brush mars, which is always lovely. Groupie’s round brush is quite good, despite a couple of stray bristles.
I love this colour, it’s so bright and sparkly I didn’t feel that putting any kind of nail art over it would be right. When a corner bent after the first day or wear and left an ugly crack I did add a couple of lines in a V shape on every nail, but it just bent again and the black polish cracked, too. Boo. So I didn’t photograph that. But that’s just my sucky nails. Groupie is awesome and highly recommended.

Here’s Groupie in two coats without top coat:

And here’s Groupie in three coats with Seche Vite:

China Glaze First Class Ticket

At first I thought that this might be a muted version of Groupie and y’know what? It kinda is. First Class Ticket has a similar mid-purple base, which is just a tad more reddish. It’s more frosty, though, the particles are finer and mostly blue and purple, giving the polish an indigo feel. This, like Midnight Mission, is opaque in two coats.
First Class Ticket also applied beautifully and smoothly. It showed only the faintest of brush marks. As always, China Glaze’s round brush was easy to control and neatly applied the polish.
This I also love, it’s like a grown-up version of Groupie. Where Groupie is flashy, vivid and intense, First Class Ticket is still happy and sparkly, but in a darker and more sophisticated way.

This is First Class Ticket in two coats with Seche Vite:

I did put some more black ‘nail art’ on that, but it sucked. In a bleh kinda way. I need to do something awesome, I know I had an amazing idea recently, but I totally forgot. *has a sieve-y brain*

This post took me so long to type up. *sighs* Typing on a new keyboard is always weird and aggravating (so sorry if I missed any typos today). But I’m glad to have another Logitech, I love their peripherals. Of course the reason I went to the electronics store were less nice. I woke up to a broken router and thus no internet all day, ‘cause I need my sister’s PC to set the new one up properly. *pouts*
What do you do when you’re forcibly internetless? I sort of just lazed around and pouted (and did some blog post writing).

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