Thursday, December 23, 2010

NotD – Defensive Manoeuvre

Finally, an interesting idea for themed nail art. It struck me, as one might have guessed, as I was playing tower defence games (one of my many guilty pleasures). Warning: I only cleaned up at the very end and sponged a lot, so most of the images feature polish-tastic cuticles.

I started with a plain, muted brown base, using essence Desert Fox (here’s the swatch), and marked where the creepers’ path was going to be. The road will be repainted later, so it doesn’t have to be neat.

Then I added the terrain through sponging. Some nails were turned into grassy plains, some into arid dirt and a couple into icy wastelands. Layering two or three colours per nail makes the terrain prettier and more realistic.

Next I repainted the road and added some detailing. The grassy bits also got some bight dots, because we all like flowery fields, right?

Now it was time for the creepers. I considered using black nail gems, but didn’t want to overload the nails, so I just added black dots and a few recently destroyed represented by red splotches.
Then I decided where I would put the towers and chose the proper gems. I then chose matching polish colours and added little shooty dots between the future locations of the towers and the creepers.

Lastly, I added coats of Seche Vite and embedded my tower gems in them. Note the right hand in a rather uncomfortable pose while I almost dropped the camera. I’m such a rightie.


I guess I’ll keep this on until after Christmas dinner (meaning Christmas Eve, since that’s when we tend to celebrate in Austria, even in mixed Catholic/Muslim/Atheist families), so I suppose this is some kind of Anti-Christmas mani… What are you going to wear for whatever you celebrate these days?

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