Friday, December 3, 2010

NotD – Of Flakes and Flakes

Has it been snowing where you live (except for folks from the far, far south, I expect that you’re getting all crispy and summery these days)? I’m a bit ambivalent about snow, it’s pretty and all and I love the feeling of snowflakes on my skin, but walking on snow is a pain since hardly anyone clears it away these days. Great, now I sound like that stereotypical grumpy old person yelling at kids to get off my lawn and the good old days. And I don’t even have any lawn.
Anyway, today I’m still in my easy quick mani mode, so what I’ll show you is a pretty layered one. I tried out another new base coat, my Diamond Strength is pretty much empty and annoyingly, Mueller didn’t have any so I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener instead (it’s pleasantly runny so far).

I’ve been looking for a decent white crème polish since I’ve more or less used up my China Glaze White On White and Trind CC103, but somehow the only white polish I could find was meant for french tips and not all that even. So the base of this layering effort is a ridiculously streaky coat of white.
The next colour I used is the one I frankened for my Power Rangers nail art and named Iced Mallow, a shimmery, slightly silvery white (Colorama marshmallow & white crème & dollop of China Glaze  Millennium). Here it is – on my newly shortened and not yet perfectly shaped nails – in two coats with Seche Vite:

Then I just added two coats of essence colour&go 25 glisten up! (someone recommended this to me and I can’t remember who… thank you, whoever you are, it’s awesome).

glisten up! is very sheer, hence the layering as my nails are never happy when I’ve been wearing patches for some time, a bright lightish blue filled with a lovely range of glitter. From some angles the only thing that’s clearly visible is the fairly fine round blue/orange holo glitter, but there’s also brightly flashing cool green microglitter and tiny to smallish flakies that shift from a muted pink to that exact same green.
Like most essence polishes, this applies beautifully and very evenly. The microglitter is perfectly dispersed without any brush marks, though an excessive number of strokes per nail can align the flakies a bit.
This polish is fantastic for layering, I have to try it over green at some point and I just love bright sheer polish over a white base, they always look better than pastels. Highly recommended.

Here’s glisten up! in two coats with Seche Vite over my silvery white franken:

Thankfully I was able to reschedule my presentation, so I should have more time for more interesting stuff. Whatcha wanna see?

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