Thursday, December 16, 2010

Swatches – MNY I Am An Iced Angel

I’ve already shown you one of MNY’s current LE I Am An Iced Angel, MNY 407A, in this post. Today I have the other two colours for you. I’m afraid you’ll see more swatch posts in the near future, ‘cause I have a whole bunch of pretties that I need to try and a lot of them just look so awesome unembellished. But don’t worry, I’ll do some interesting stuff, too.

MNY 408A

This is the only of the three colour with chunkier silver glitter. The base is a nice charcoal grey, which is densely packed with silver and green/purple shifting shimmer rather than the more common orange and green. 408A is reasonable opaque and requires three coats for full coverage.
The application was smooth and free of problems, I found that this polish levels nicely and only shows faint brush marks. The glitter remained nicely scattered. As usual with MNY I liked the relatively narrow flat brush with its supple, easy to control bristles.
I’m guessing that this polish is supposed to resemble the LE’s glitter mascara, which is also dark grey with silver and holo (albeit the common orangey kind) glitter. I really think 408A would look nicer without the chunky glitter, it just seems incongruous to me.

This is 408A in two coats without top coat:

And here’s 408A in three coats with top coat:

MNY 409A

409A is a sheer, shimmery icy blue with a faint hint of a turquoise shift. This colour has a light blue base with bright blue and silver shimmer and fine whitish glitter. Here the glitter blends in well with the shimmery base. I only applied four coats, which wasn’t opaque, but I guess that six or so might work (an opaque base would be more sensible).
As above, this polish applied very well. As you can see in the photos, the shimmer was beautifully dispersed and the polish was even in two coats. 409A has the same brush as 408A, so I’m sure you can fugure out if I liked it. *winks*
I wasn’t sure if I should even get this colour when I was at the store, but I’m so glad I did. It’s just so pretty and depending on the number of lavers, 409A is either subtly icy or fairly bright.

This is 409A in two coats without top coat:

And here’s 409A in four coats with top coat:

I really like all the sparkly polishes I seem to stumble over all the time these days, even though I’m also trying to collect more crèmes for nail art. Glitter and shimmer make me happy.

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