Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NotD – That Lime’s Got Some Bite

A few of you might remember one of my earliest posts with Kingdom of Loathing inspired nail art. The neon pink base reminded me of one of my KoL shirts and that same thing happened today. I applied China Glaze’s In the Lime Light and my mind just jumped to my other KoL shirt, the sabre-toothed lime one. Though that shirt’s not actually neon I felt the urge to add this cutesy lime to my nails.
Of course, halfway through my camera’s battery was empty and I had to wait over two hours for it to recharge and then I couldn’t get it to display the neon green properly. So yeah. Bad photography day. ;-)

Here’s what I used (can you tell that I hadn’t put the black and white away yet?):

  • OPI Nail Envy Soft & Thin
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener
  • essence black and white 02 white hype
  • China Glaze In the Lime Light
  • essence black and white 01 black out
  • Seche Vite

I started by applying one coat of Nail Envy, then one of Miracle Nail Thickener and one of white hype (you can definitely get away with one coat under neons with this). Then I applied three coats of In the Lime Light, two coats usually look even with most neons, but when photographed all streaks show up. A coat of Seche Vite finished the base colour.

In the Lime Light is another beautiful China Glaze neon. It’s a bright, faintly yellowy green, it really does look like an irradiated lime. As I mentioned before, you can get away with two coats, but if you intend to photograph your nails you’ll want to apply three over your white base. As usual with neons this polish dries silky matte.
I found In the Lime Light easy to apply, the first coat looks horribly streaky, but it’s even from two coats on. The formula is fairly runny, so be careful not to overload the brush. Overall I really like the way this applies. The brush is China Glaze’s usual round one, which is very nice indeed.
All in all this is definitely a polish that anyone who loves neons will adore. I’m really surprised how well the shimmer works here, as I’ve tried supposedly neon polished that got all of their punch from the shimmer. This is like a green Towel Boy Toy – fantastic. As I said in the beginning: this did not photograph well, it’s much greener than on the photos, a lot like Kiwi Cool-Ada, actually (I tried to adjust the colour, but couldn’t get the right shade. I need some photoshop classes).

Here is In the Lime Light in two coats over a white base without top coat:

And this is In the Lime Light in three coats with Seche Vite:

After the base was firm enough to paint on I added a sabre-toothed lime to my left ring finger using a dotting tool, black out and white hype. Then I added a row of black dots to the tip of each nail and sealed the polish with another coat of Seche Vite.

Bloody neons and their camera-killing brightness. Anyone got any insider knowledge on what settings might work?

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