Saturday, January 29, 2011

some more swatches of claire’s polishes

I really can’t walk into claire’s without buying polish. There are always some colours I need… So let’s see what I picked up today. All polishes are unnamed, as usual.

claire’s greige crème polish

Why did I buy greige polish? I don’t even like greige, but it just looked grey at the store. As I mentioned, this is a crème polish and very nicely pigmented. A single coat is almost fully opaque.
This polish applies smoothly and evenly and the viscosity is very nice. The brush is round and easy to control. This is one of the best polishes I’ve ever picked up at claire’s (except for the colour o.O).

As this is a two-coater there’s only one swatch photo of this greige in two coats with top coat:

claire’s grass green crème polish

Grassy greens, how I love ‘em. And this is a very nice example. It’s fresh and bright, so, so pretty. Sadly it’s not as opaque, but three coats are fine.
The formula is fine, but not as nice as the greige. However it levels nicely and applies smoothly and the flat brush is supple.

Here are the swatches in two coats without top coat and in three coats with top coat:


claire’s matte mid-blue polish

This is such a pretty colour, a nicely balanced bright medium blue that is well-suited to the matte effect. It’s also well-pigmented, opaque in two coats, and suited for nail art. The matte finish is more of a satiny plasticy one (similar to essence’s ‘soft touch finish’) than a full matte, but I find that very pretty with intense colours.
This applies similarly to the greige, smooth and even and overall lovely. The brush is round and pretty good.

Here are the swatches in two coats without and with top coat:


claire’s dark blue shimmer polish

I was really excited when I saw that colour, it’s a inky royal blue packed with silvery and holo microglitter. There’s also a bit of a bright blue flash. The opacity is not that great, the shimmer makes two coats wearable, but I’d recommend applying three.
The formula is very nice, it applies smoothly and the polish is wearable and even in two coats. The flat, supple brush definitely helps there. I highly recommend getting this if you can, it’s super pretty.

Here’s the dark shimmery blue in two coats without top coat and in three coats with top coat (sorry, those were the only images that were useable and they’re ridiculously light):


I really like these polishes and I’m sure even the greige will be useful some day…
And tomorrow I get to try out the Smashbox stuff I picked up on sale. I was really surprised how (relatively) little I spent at the parfumerie.
Which of these colours would tempt you?

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