Sunday, January 16, 2011

Swatches – essence black & white

*wipes brow*
Now that I’ve finished my accursed presentation I finally have a little mote time again (let’s ignore for a sec that I still have to finish the properly typed out paper). My sis was sweet enough to get me the polishes from essence’s black and white trend edition. I took a look at the rest of the stuff myself yesterday, but nothing really caught my attention.
Now let’s take a look at polish-y pretty! All photos were taken under a ‘natural spectrum’ bulb without flash.

essence black and white 01 black out

black out is a basic black polish. It has a ‘soft touch finish’, what that means is that the surface dries semi-shiny and looks a bit rubbery leathery. It reminds me a bit of China Glaze Liquid Leather in that it’s a brown based black. It’s more of a crème than LL, but with top coat looks very similar. One thick coat might be opaque, but two relatively thin ones will de beautifully.
This polish is very thick and a bit unwieldy. It covers nicely, but applying thin coats is pretty much impossible and it doesn’t level well. black out has a round brush, which works relatively well considering the texture of the polish.
I really like the colour and the look of this polish without top coat, but it’s a pain to apply evenly.

This is black out in two coats without top coat:

Here’s black out in two coats with top coat:

essence black and white 02 white hype

This is a simple white crème polish. I can’t really think of anything to say about white hype, it’s not overly chalky, but a basic stark white. This too has the ‘soft touch finish’ and looks quite pretty without top coat. Like black out I recommend two thinnish coats.
white hype is even trickier to apply than black out, it shows every single flaw (helloooo patches!) and levels very badly. Try and get your nails as smooth as possible before applying white hype. The same round brush as above doesn’t do all that well with the formula.
I can only recommend this as a base for neons and such. By itself it’s just too hard to get a nice smooth result.

Here’s white hype in two coats without top coat:

And this is white hype in two coats with top coat:

essence black and white top coat 01 make me holo

The third and last polish of this TE is the make me holo top coat. I have no intentions of using this as top coat, as I doubt that it will dry as quickly an thoroughly as I prefer, but it is pretty. ‘Holo’ isn’t all that accurate, though, it’s actually a sheer blue opalescent polish. That kind of colour can be fantastic for layering and when worn on its own can neutralise some yellowing.
This is quite easy to apply, thankfully. make me holo is quite runny and applies smoothly and evenly. The round brush works well with this colour.

Here’s make me holo over black out (doubled on the middle finger nail, ‘cause it hat some kinda funky flaw):

And this is make me holo over white hype (a tad subtle):

Overall I’m a bit ambivalent about this trend edition’s polishes. All are beautiful, but the crème polishes are just such a bugger to apply. I definitely won’t be buying half a dozen of back-ups. Maybe one of the opalescent blue…

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