Friday, February 4, 2011

Comparison – b.pretty olive & LCN Picnic in the Park

You may have noticed my slow posts recently. This is partly due to sheer laziness, in part, however, an attempt to minimise my contact with polish remover. The constant colour changes and subsequent polish removal partly dissolves the glue I use for patching and, as you all know, damaged patches need to be soaked off. Not good for already damaged nails. So there. Good reason (or excuse)?
I’ll probably chop off my nails as soon as most of my current tears are grown out sufficiently. Bleh. I hate how extra soft my nails are when they’ve been patched for a while.
But now, on to the comparison.

b.pretty 29 olive

I rarely buy b.pretty polishes, not because they’re bad, but because there aren’t all that many colours available and they’re minis (I find those rather silly and not very economical). b.pretty is one of BIPA’s own brands, targeting younger girls (they also have some stuff for kids under the my Girl brand, which I haven’t tried), the products are quite decent, though none of them are among my favourites.
olive is, as the name suggests, an olive green crème polish. I love that kind of colour, but I have to say that it’s the most basic shade of olive green. Many of you might already have the same colour stashed away. This polish is of average opacity and requires three coats, but if you tend to apply the thinnest of coats you’ll probably need four.
I found olive to apply acceptably. It was very patchy at first and two coats were just too bloody wobbly without top coat. I had a bit of bubbling with this polish, which is one of my pet peeves, but with a little more work that can be avoided. The brush is a basic round one, it’s a bit closer to the edge of the cap than I like, but I didn’t have any problems.

This is olive in two coats without top coat (see the crazy wobbliness?):

And here’s olive in three coats with top coat (much better):

LCN Picnic in the Park

This my first encounter with this brand and I don’t know a thing about it, other than that it’s available at Marionnaud and that it’s relatively expensive. Annoyingly, I had to google the brand and look for their German store to even find the colour’s name. I really doubt that printing on the name rather than the Article No. would have been that hard.
Picnic in the Park is another basic olive green crème polish. Pretty, but nothing exceptional. It’s nicely opaque, two coats will work, but in three coats this polish gains some serious depth and sleekness.
It applied very nicely, some might have issues with the scent, though, which is quite horrible (good thing I generally don’t mind strong chemical scents). Picnic in the Park applied very smoothly and was even in two coats. The brush is quite similar to b.pretty’s, just a bit longer.

Here’s Picnic in the Park in two coats without top coat:

And here’s Picnic in the Park in three coats with top coat:

How they compare:

As you can see, the colour is virtually identical. If I hadn’t been the one to apply the polish I certainly wouldn’t know which was which.
I like that olive actually has the name on the bottle and lists the ingredients legibly, while both require tedious online searches with LCN.
When it comes to application and opacity, Picnic in the Park wins, it’s just a bit denser and smoother. But Picnic in the Park is also more expensive at 4,90 €/7ml (interestingly, the website says 8ml), while olive costs 1,29 €/5 ml. Maybe the full-sized LCN polishes are more reasonable, but if I need another bottle I’ll definitely head to BIPA.

How do you feel about olive green? Do you have an olive-y polish you love?

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