Friday, February 25, 2011

NotD – Skip Beat!

You may have noticed that I’m obsessed with Skip Beat!, a rather addictive and torturously slow-moving manga. Seriously, I believe the first issue was released in 2002 and the actual storyline has barely covered a year. *headdesk* It makes me want to cry sometimes.
The last issue made me deliriously happy, as Kyoko, the main character, appeared to finally open up to Ren a bit (not gonna go into details, go read it *looks around furtively* somewhere). Last Saturday the most recent issue came out and ended with a potentially back-to-2002 kind of situation. Gnurh. Well, at least there was an adorable Setsu and Cain Heel memory.

Um, yeah. Sorry about this venting. But it’s not sheer idiotic rambling, as I had already planned to do a Skip Beat! mani, which would also have done nicely for Vain Day (see, Skip Beat! mode is definitely on). It’s a simple accent nail manicure based on on the Love Me overalls (I chose to use the logo from the anime).

In case you’re wondering, the pink is MNY 807A in four coats, which I’ll swatch another day. I’m pretty happy with this, the Love Me logo is only slightly wonky and the colours work quite well.
What’s your fiction addiction?

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