Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swatches – b.pretty sky and forest

I’ve recently bought a few more b.pretty polishes and they are indeed very pretty. Today I have a couple of crèmes for you.
Excuse the funky corner on my index finger, please.

b.pretty 18 sky

This polish, fittingly named sky, is a lovely shade somewhere between sky and cerulean blue, I actually don’t have another colour just like this. Interestingly this dries to a faintly satiny finish, despite not being marked as such. I don’t mind at all, it is rather lovely that way, but I would have expected some kind of labelling. The opacity is good, two coats are wearable, but I prefer three.
sky applied very well, except for slight levelling issues. Even the first coat was barely streaky. I’m very happy with this, most drugstore brands I frequently use seem to improve in leaps and bounds and b.pretty does not disappoint. The brush is a decent round one and caused no problems.
Overall this gets a cheerful thumbs up for a cute colour and good texture.

Here’s sky in two coats without top coat:

And this is sky in three coats with top coat:

b.pretty 28 forest

forest isn’t quite a forest green, but rather a clear dark green crème polish. Absolutely gorgeous. Unlike sky this does dry shiny. It’s slightly less opaque and definitely needs three coat for proper coverage.
This, too, applies well. It was a bit streaky at first, but the second coat was nice and even. The only issue I had was a slight case of the bubbles, but that’s easy enough to fix when adding top coat. I won’t repeat myself about the brush. ;-)
I can definitely recommend this polish. If you find my skin ridiculously pale in these swatch photos, that was sadly necessary to get a good colour match.

This is forest in two coats without top coat:

And here’s forest in three coats with top coat:

I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality and colour range of b.pretty. When I first bought some of their products many years ago, there were pinks and a red and not much more.

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