Monday, March 28, 2011

Comparison – essence and Catrice Duochromes

Recently both essence and Catrice have filled their displays with lovely new colours, amongst them these duochromes. This type of polish is very rare in Austria (at least amongst affordable brands) so I was quite excited to finally get them.
I picked up both of them, despite them being so similar. Blogging is a good excuse, right? Today I’ll show you swatches of both colours and a comparison swatch.

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 490 Iron Mermaiden

I love this polish and its name. This is a lovely green/purple duochrome, shifting from a muted olive to a soft pinkish lavender. Iron Mermaiden is very sheer, four coats are absolutely necessary if you hate VNL.
This polish applies very well, the formula is quite thin, which in addition to the bad pigmentation makes for many, many coats. As usual for polishes this densely packed with shimmer, there are some brush strokes visible. Other than that I can’t find fault in this. The supple flat brush is an added bonus.

This is Iron Mermaiden in two coats without top coat:

And here’s Iron Mermaiden in three coats with top coat:


essence colour&go 43 where is the party?

where is the party? is a green/purple duochrome as well. The green is a lovely dark olive and the purple a fairly vibrant reddish shade. This polish seems to have a dark base. It’s fairly opaque and perfectly wearable in two coats.
This polish applies well, too. It’s of average viscosity and easy to control. I find that after the top coat is on, the brush strokes become less visible. The usual colour&go brush is lovely and flat.
Highly recommended. Sadly I couldn’t get the true colour to appear on the images and all my fiddling resulted in unrealistic shades, too. So just imagine the colours more vibrant and the purple a bit more reddish

Here’s where is the party? in two coats with top coat (sorry about the wrinkly mess on my ring finger):



Though both polishes look similar in the bottle, they look quite dissimilar on the nail. For this comparison I applied two coats of essence where is the parts and four of Catrice Iron Mermaiden, both with some top coat (don’t ask me why I used four coats here and only three for the full swatch o.O).

The particles in essence’s offering are a little bigger than the ones in Catrice’s. where is the party? is not just thicker and much more opaque, it also looks darker due to that added base pigment. The green and purple shades are virtually the same, but due to that dark base, essence’s duochrome just looks brighter, with Iron Mermaiden looking pretty, but rather muted.
Overall I’d recommend getting essence where is the party? for being more intense and a two-coater. Both are gorgeous and Iron Mermaiden has potential for layering, but where is the party? gets my vote.

Next time: Either a franken containing (amongst other colours9 these two duochromes or a tea tin inspired mani. Probably. I’m not too great at planning this kind of stuff.

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