Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swatches – essence Whoom! Boooom!

Another odd-numbered month, another essence TE. And it’s comic book-y, where have I seen something like that lately? ;-)
I refuse to be bitchy about Whoom! Boooom! coming out at the same time as MAC Wonder Woman (in Europe, mind you), the world needs more make-up collections like that. How about some Batman (all black and blackened colours, mattes and plasticy finishes, kevlar mascara), Blue Beetle or Green Arrow (guess what colours everything should be). Anyhow, from what I see, the products are vastly different. Especially since, when one actually looks at the products and their names, it’s actually a pop art collection, rather than a comic book one (except for the nail stickers, they’re 100% comic book-y).
I wasn’t too interested in most of essence’s Whoom! Boooom! stuff, but my sister (who always seems to coincidentally head to a dm just as a TE is coming out) got me the nail polishes and a couple packs of nail stickers (so silly, so cute). I briefly considered getting the cream liners, but what’s the point if they’re in a palette like that? They’ll dry out in no time and that’s just a waste of money. Creamy products should always be as sealed off as liquids.

Soooo… nail polish. This time, essence has four bright, bright crème colours. They come in 8 ml bottles with matte white caps (yay for that, I much prefer those to icky shiny plastic) and have lovely flat and very soft brushes. I think those brushes are the best I’ve seen from essence in a trend edition, they may even be better than the ones in their colour&go line.
What really struck me was that these look, I don’t know how to explain this, sort of creamy (“duh,” I hear you say, “they’re crème polishes,” but most crèmes aren’t like that). I guess it’s a large amount of white, like you’d find with pastels, except bright.

essence Whoom! Boooom! 01 Chacalaca

Chacalaca is an fascinating purple-tinged blue crème polish. Even my sister (who wouldn’t wear make-up or nail polish if you paid her) called this amazing, that’s how good it is. It’s fairly opaque, but I went with three coats to be on the safe side.
This polish appeared to be a bit more streaky at first, but evened out with the second coat. Overall it applied smoothly and easily.

Here’s Chacalaca in two coats without top coat:

And this is Chacalaca in three coats with top coat:

essence Whoom! Boooom! 02 Andy, You’re A Star

This orange crème is pretty, but I’ve seen colours almost like this before, the only difference is aforementioned creaminess. It’s a very clear, bright, happy shade of orange. Andy, You’re A Star is actually opaque in two coats. Yay!
Andy, You’re A Star is slightly thickish, but easy to control. No complaints about this one.

Here’s Andy, You’re A Star in two coats with top coat:

essence Whoom! Boooom! 03 You’ve Got The Art

Now this is more like it, You’ve Got The Art is a faintly greenish bright yellow (or is it a very yellowy green?), definitely something special. I’d call it a pale chartreuse or acidic pear green. It’s not too opaque, three coats are needed for full opacity.
This polish applied very nicely, it’s a bit runny and levelled well on my unpatched nails, but of course thinner polish doesn’t hide irregularities all that well. *glares at patches*

This is You’ve Got The Art in two coats without top coat:

And here is You’ve Got The Art in three coats with top coat:

essence Whoom! Boooom! 04 Roy’s Red

Sorry, Roy, but this is not red, it’s pink. I wasn’t certain if I even wanted this one, because how many pinkish polishes does one need? I don’t think I have one exactly like this, though, and it’s quite lovely and insanely bright. If this had a jelly finish it would definitely have some potential for neonness. Roy’s Red is opaque in three thin coats.
This polish surprised me a bit, it’s very opaque considering how runny it is, I almost kept this at two coats. However, I did have a bit of bubbling.

Here’s Roy’s Red in two coats without top coat:

And here is Roy’s Red in three coats with top coat:

Overall, the Whoom! Boooom! polishes are a good bunch of colours, if you’re trying to be thrifty and only buy must-haves I’d recommend getting Chacalaca and You’ve Got The Art. I feel a bit ridiculous about the number of colour tags I had to use for this post though.
And now a bonus image: Chacalaca with some Whoom! Boooom! nail stickers (apparently these are marked 01 Hey Ya!, but I don’t see why if there’s no No. 02):

Now if only I hadn’t chipped my thumbnail with a stubborn powder compact…

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