Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Board o’Polish

… or Wall o’Polish if I’m feeling hyperbolic. It’s not all that big, really.
I’ve been mentioning this project here and there and now that it’s finished (for now at least) I can finally show it off.

So what’s this all about?
Like many polish addicts I store my 400+ bottles in IKEA Helmer units, safely stowed and away from dust. I started with a colour-based system, but that made it difficult to find specific bottles of polish, while a brand-based arrangement makes it nigh-impossible to look up all similar shades and find the best colour for a nail art project.
At the same time I envied everyone who had the necessary space on their walls to use those nifty clear polish storage shelves.

The solution should have been obvious:
Sort polish by brand (alphabetically, maybe I’ll even go through them again and figure out the best way to sort within each brand).
Attach a couple of cork bulletin boards to that narrow space behind my door, print out little swatch cards on photo paper, paint on polish, pin them on sorted by colour. I considered printing the polish names/numbers onto the cards, but in the end decided that it would be quicker to write them on by hand. Thus ensuring that nobody else can use them. ;-)
Of course swatches on paper are rarely true to colour (though photo paper works very nicely, simulating an opaque white base), but that was not the aim, I just need this as an aid to memory.


As you can see, the way I arranged the colours isn’t really logical, but I figured I’d put the colours I use very rarely at the top and bottom.
There are, of course, more possibilities out there, but I like the flexibility. I can rearrange the cards when I add more polish to my stash (I’m a realist) and grab the ones I’m considering for a NotD to see which work best before pulling all the bottles out of the drawers.

Turns out I’m almost out of space, so I’ll have to check if the store still has those boards. I like the black background.

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