Saturday, April 9, 2011

Comparison – Pale Minty Blues

After I posted my last NotD, Miss Marlboro wondered about how you belong to me compared to other minty coloured polishes. So I gathered my mints (except for SC Mint Apple, which appears to have vanished), sought out the closest colours and put them on.
Not all of them are what I would call mint, though. Now let me show you the polishes I used and how they compared to you belong to me. Please remember that this is what the colours appear like under my ‘natural spectrum’ lamp.

ThumbOrly Gumdrop: It’s strange that Gumdrop looked just a tad darker in the bottle, vastly darker in a single coat and rather similar again as both polishes reached full opacity. It’s more muted and has a stronger pastel nature.

Index FingerEssie Turquoise & Caicos: T&C seems like it’s basically the same polish in green at first, but builds up to a darker shade of turquoise-y green.

Middle Fingeressence you belong to me: In retrospect, this is a light, faintly muted turquoise rather than a true minty colour, which should be clearly green. Mea culpa.

Ring FingerCatrice Am I Blue Or Green?: This is the closest colour I have. Strangely, it looks a bit more blueish than YBTM in the bottle, but more greenish on the nail.

PinkieChina Glaze For Audrey: This polish is much more muted and darker. It’s no surprise that this is a favourite of many polish lovers.

And now I have to figure out how to describe a weird yellowy green for my next post.
What are you up to this weekend?

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