Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Swatch – Another Frankenpolish

Do you know that kind of day where suddenly it’s 1 am and you don’t remember where the day went. OK, so I did get some stuff done today, but other than helping my father with some furniture assembly not a lot.
I applied this polish last night and intended to do some kind of design on it tonight (as I had run out of time yesterday), but aforementioned IKEA-ing wasn’t too kind on my nails. Not that I’m surprised, ‘cause I just removed my patches and my nails are even softer than usual, therefore the corners bend and the polish cracks. Annoying, but still nicer than wearing silk wraps all the time.

What I wanted to achieve with this frankenpolish was rather fuzzy. I wanted a bit of that duochrome shift in a different way. At the end I had a blackened teal base with purple/green duochrome shimmer, a bit of blue and pink shimmer and the faintest hint of green sparkle.

Here’s Teal Squeal (lame name, I know) in three coats with top coat:

And in an attempt to get the shimmer to show:

I like the colour and shimmer combination I achieved, but find that it lifted near the cuticle a bit too quickly.

What would you mix up if you could?

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