Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Non-Nail Post: Foundation Comparison

Anyone who is only interested in nails: Look away!

Anyone who is also interested in foundation and especially pale folks: Lookee, I’ve done a comparison of my various foundations with quick reviews.

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to pick up the Vichy Dermablend Cream-Stick Foundations I ordered last week. I have fond memories of several stick foundations I used to own a few years ago, but haven’t worn much in the way of cream foundations since. They looked pretty at first but always melted off my face. but my skin is dryer these days and sometimes I do need more coverage than my favourite liquid foundations provide.
Because there were no testers I checked out a few reviews and decided to get the lightest two shades and mix them, as one sounded like my winter skin and the other like my spring/early summer shade.

Liquid Foundations (l-r):

  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW20 and NW15: I got matched to NW20 and bought the foundation almost two years ago and that was not a good idea. A month later it was much too dark and I switched to NW15. Another month or two and that was to dark, as well. Yeah. Sucks.
    Also I didn’t really like how heavy they felt and never went back to them, even when my skin darkened a bit the next summer (and just look how orange they both look on the photo o.O). The coverage was pretty good, though.
  • Chanel Mat Lumière 20 Claire: Definitely a better match and that’s been my go-to on bad skin days for its superior coverage in comparison to my usual choices. I’ve fallen out of love with completely matte foundation, though, and it tends to emphasise the pores on my nose.
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Vanille Clair: I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation, I very rarely find ones at the drugstore that come in shades lighter than sand beige (for the record: roughly 70% of the women I know have skintones lighter than that accursed ‘sand beige’ that every drugstore brand seems to sell as the lightest shade). It’s runny with fairly sheer coverage, which generally is my preference and the best match for my current skintone. Too bad most of their foundations start a shade darker.
  • Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 Porcelain (0): This is my absolute Holy Grail winter foundation and I might get a slightly darker shade this summer. It’s runny, very sheer, but looks fantastic, doesn’t crawl into pores and I kid you not when I say that I cannot feel it. At all.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation Cream-Stick (first impressions):

At first this appears to have quite a firm texture, but it warms up easily and gets very creamy. I don’t think it’s as pigmented as it claims, but I didn’t set out to find a full-coverage foundation. Dermablend definitely covers the ugly blemishes on my jaw and chin. I will have to keep up my exfoliation routine, though, this really shows off every flake and dry patch.
What I found impressive is that this feels much lighter than Studio Fix Fluid, though I expect that if I were to apply it less sparingly that would be quite different. So far I like this foundation a lot.

  • 11 Porcelain: I found that shade a bit to pinkish for my liking, but mixed with Opale it works well enough right now. I might also use it on my cheekbones and nose to highlight a bit.
  • 12 Opale: I feel that this will be a great shade for my more summery skin. The more yellowy tone is great for people like me, whose face is more pinkish than neck and body.

I hope you didn’t mind this little stray post, but I felt that the internet needs more foundation comparisons for the fair-skinned. And I promise that I won’t do non-naily posts for a while. ;-)

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