Sunday, May 15, 2011

Followed blogs not showing up in Google Reader?

Some of you, who follow blogs through Blogger and then read these blogs in Google Reader, may have noticed the following.
You find an interesting blog, follow it via Blogger (be it by clicking on the link in the top bar on a blogspot site, through the Google Friend Connect gadget or directly from the Blogger Dashboard), you wait and the blog doesn’t show up in Google Reader. Annoying, isn’t it?

I’ve seen rumours about there being a cap on how many blogs you can follow, but I can’t comment on the veracity of that statement (but I think they’re rubbish).
What does work for me is the following procedure which only takes a few seconds (click on the images!):

  • follow the blog
    Following 01
  • go to Blogger Dashboard (I recommend using Blogger in Draft, though)
    Following 02
  • scroll down to the Reading List
  • scroll through your list of followed blogs and find the new one 
  • click on it, the most recent posts should show up on the right
    Following 03
  • check Google Reader (refresh if you had that page open all along), the blog should now show up
    Following 04

I have no idea why this works or if this works for everyone, but it has consistently been the way to success for me.

And switching to the subject of promoting one’s blog:
We all want other people to read our blogs. Commenting with no other purpose than leaving the link is just not done, though.

Like most bloggers I love finding new reads and I frequently click through to my readers’ blogs.
The best way to bring your writings to my eyes is the CommentLuv plugin you can see when writing a comment, just add your blog’s address and it creates a link to your most recent post. Alternatively fill in the homepage field.

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