Monday, May 30, 2011

Nail Quickie – A Beastly Googly Eye Manicure

I’m sure you’ve seen those googly eye manis on a bunch of blogs. Odd that one of them showed up in my feed today when I’d planned to do one this very day.
They’re all really adorable, one might not want to actually wear my version, though.

I had those fairly large girly googly eyes lying around (OK, so I might have seen them at the store and thought “Silly mani!” *buys*), which are a bit big for a standard GEM. So did more of a alien/blob/Barbapapa inspired thing.

Silly, not really wearable (due to the size the bases don’t fully adhere to the nail, not practical at all), but c’mon! We all want to wear something strange on our nails sometimes.
Also, I should try for some real Barbapapa nail art some time.


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