Friday, May 27, 2011

NotD – It’s Great To Be A Nerd

I’m fully aware that I’m more than a day late for Towel Day, Nerd Pride Day and Wear the Lilac Day. But Since there are three holidays on the 25th I figure that they should last the full 72 days. So there.
Now while you read on listen to Great to Be a Nerd.

Here’s what I used today:

  • OPI Nail Envy Soft & Thin
  • LOOK by BIPA Ridge Filler
  • s.he 305
  • lots of different polishes for the designs
  • Seche Vite

As usual I started by applying my base coats, then three coats of 305 and one of Seche Vite.

Dear s.he people, why? Why switch from s-he to s.he (you’re so not getting a new tag)? Why not adding some names to your colours? Why only 10 ml in the bottles instead of 11 ml?
Of course, this lime green crème is rather yummy. 305 is fresh, vibrant and one of those colours that change a lot depending on the light source. It’s moderately opaque, it absolutely requires three coats (unless you’re pro-visible tips) and even then I can still make out the tips.
The only trouble this gave me in regards to the formula was some bubbling (which may always be due to a bad reaction to the base coat). Other than that 305 applied smoothly and was even after two coats. Another flaw of this polish is the brush, while it is an average round one, mine is cut sloppily and with a couple of longer bristles (I had a WTF moment when I came home with five new bottles of polish and four had badly cut brushes).
Btw, if you haven’t read it on anywhere else yet: the square cap does come off; the tiny cap underneath is not much more practical, though.

This is 305 in two coats without top coat:

And this is 305 in three coats with Seche Vite:

Then came the fun part: choose ten nerdy design (some of which express my personal nerdiness, others don’t) and apply. Of course I proved that I have forgotten how to count, because I finished and still had one design to do. D’oh. Big nerd cred minus.
The green base looks very cold and neon in those photos, the ones above are accurate.

Right hand (pinkie to thumb, sorry about the pose, my hand was a-cramp):
rook, Poké Ball, stylized Starfleet insignia, lilac, Wonder Woman’s tiara

Left hand (pinkie to thumb):
Klingons rock!, Selenium, tetrahedral dice, Batman, fuzzy Tardis (that one is obviously messed up badly)

So yeah, if you're a nerd stand up, shave off part of your eyebrows and stick on some bovine hair. Do unto thyself as it was done unto Spock.
Also, wear some pretty eyeshadow, he totally rocked that.

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