Saturday, May 21, 2011

NotD – I’ve Got A Hole In Me Pocket

I’m sure y’all know what this is about. I finally got around to tying to do Yellow Submarine-inspired nail art. The Beatles were my first musical love and remain one of my all time faves. And though I wish they’d done the voice acting for Yellow Submarine that is one of the most awesome movies ever.
I think I’ll have to give this another try though.

No list of polish today! I started with a blue sponged base and then freehanded with a fine dotting tool and a needle (pin actually, whatever). I also tried the whole sharpie thing, which worked nicely until I applied top coat. I’ll try to find one that doesn’t get smudged (*cries* John looked pretty good before), because it’s pretty easy to get little stuff more or less right.

I’m actually quite proud of my li’l submarine, though it looks a bit too impressionistic.
And here’s blurry John *sadface*

What’s you favourite Beatles-y thing?

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