Sunday, May 1, 2011

NotD – Sister’s Choice

By the time I post this it’ll be May 1st already and thus my big sis’ birthday. When she came into my bedroom to chat I showed her my finished board o’polish and asked her to choose something for me. After much muttering about ‘way too many colours’ and ‘how am I supposed to choose’ she selected Barry M Bright Purple and ‘something grey.’
I’m letting this one grow naturally (and haven’t actually started painting yet as I’m writing this intro) so who knows how it’ll turn out.
As usual, my camera ate a lot of the red spectrum, so most images have been photoshopped to be as true to colour as possible.

Here’s what I used in the end:

  • OPI Nail Envy Soft & Thin
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener
  • Barry M NP 303 Bright Purple
  • essence colour&go 56 got a secret
  • essence colour&go 02 white secret
  • China Glaze Flying Dragon
  • Seche Vite
  • essence matt top coat

I started by applying one coat of each base, two of Bright Purple and sealed the polish with Seche Vite.

Bright Purple is a rich shade of red-violet. This crème polish my be bright, but it’s definitely wearable. It’s well-pigmented and opaque in two coats.
Like most Barry M polishes I’ve tried, Bright Purple applies beautifully. It’s a tad thick (I’m not sure if it was when I purchased it), but applies evenly and smoothly. A little care is needed to make sure the coats fully overlap, otherwise the edges can look pinkishly odd. I found this polish very easy to control and to work well with the round brush.
This is one of my favourite Barry M polishes, thus highly recommended.

Here’s Bright Purple in two coats with Seche Vite (the bubble is my fault, I didn’t notice that SV had bubbled a bit in time to correct it):

Next I used a short striping brush and got a secret to add a curved, tapered line to each nail…

… and softened it with a quick, almost careless stroke of white secret along the inside of the curve.

Then I added a stroke of Flying Dragon - just as barely-controlled – down the centre of my grey/white arc.

While the stripe was drying I used the same three colours and some dotting tools to dab on layered dots onto the area of the nail inside of the curve.

Lastly I applied two coats of Seche Vite to completely even out the slight bumpiness of the dots. Then I used matt top coat to mattify the outer part of the nail and added some matte dots. And because I’m silly I also added a couple of stray shiny dots to the matte area.

And y’know what? Sis actually liked it.

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