Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Swatch – b*pretty berry pearl

As much as I love nail art, there are some polishes that need to stand by themselves. Such as this one.

b*pretty 14 berry pearl

I find the name to be off, this is not a pearl, but rather a sweet berry-ish pink base, with glitter that makes it flash fuchsia. I would place this somewhere in the glitter to glass-flecked range. The particles are either silver or a pale silvery pink, it’s hard to say without actually removing the polish from my nails. Very cute and girly, but I really like it. berry pearl is not terribly opaque. While it takes more than three coats to reach full opacity, that is exactly the amount of polish needed for ‘casual opacity,’ i.e. when only a very close look shows VNL.
This polish didn’t apply perfectly, but quite acceptably. Two coats are mostly even and wearable for those who don’t demand full opacity. Other than slight streakiness I had no issues with berry pearl, and most importantly: no brush marks or particle alignment. The round brush is perfectly acceptable, too.
If you like sparkly pinks, this is a good affordable choice.

Here’s berry pearl in two coats without top coat:

And this is berry pearl in three coats with top coat:

Cute, but it clashes with the cap, doesn’t it?

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