Saturday, June 18, 2011

B3 Interview with Ivy of Jeweled Thumb

Once a month I have the opportunity to interview a fellow beauty blogger through Beauty Blogs Backstage. This month it was my great pleasure to ask about all the things (well, seven really) that I've wondered about since I started following Ivy's blog Jeweled Thumb long ago.

Let's get to the interviewin'!

1. Is there a technique you're trying to master right now?
Not really a technique but figure out how to deal with my skin and get makeup to last but not get dry and caked up by the end of the day. This is proving to be very difficult.

2. Which type of make-up brush was a revelation for you?
The only thing I can think of is the Bare Escentuals liner brush. It has a super fine point and isn't too floppy. I used it all the time when I did makeup on others, now I can't really be bothered but it is still a great brush!

3. If you could create your ideal make-up remover what would it be like?
It would need to take off everything, including waterproof mascara and be a cream or gel type so as not to be wasteful. Oh, and be cheap!

4. What's on your nails right now?
Sula Sorbet. It's a Paint & Peel polish I picked up really cheap at Big Lots. They dry really quickly so it's great for a pick-me-up when you don't have time for a full manicure, but it doesn't last if you use your hands for anything!
5. Do you have a song that gives you an instant happy?
You Don't Know Me by Ben Folds (feat. Regina Spektor). I always turn it on whenever I'm stuck in traffic, instant happy is a great way to describe it!

6. What 'vice' are you completely unashamed of?
I've worked really hard over the years to not care what people think especially about stupid stuff, so any of them? Top of the list are silly shows on TV like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Make It Or Break It" among others.

7. Summer is here at last! Describe your dream vacation, please!
Alaska? Hah, ok I hate the heat. Any place my husband and I can go to relax. I'd love to go to Europe. He's been practically everywhere but I manage to get dreadfully ill the moment I make plans to leave the country.

Ivy was an absolute pleasure to interview (and I absolutely agree about the obnoxious heat!). Thank you, Ivy.
Now go and follow Jeweled Thumb. And those of you who blog beautiliciously: Come on over and join us at Beauty Blogs Backstage!

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