Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Naked Time & Treatment Talk

Since none of you screamed at me last time not to show you my naked nails, that’s what you get today. Simply because I’m having one of those “Can’t brain today – I have the dumb” days and I don’t trust myself to do a post-worthy mani today.

So: WARNING! Naked nails below!

At the moment my nails aren’t too bad. I have a single patched corner on my right thumb and a couple of nails with marks from bending. There’s some discolouration, but I’ve had much, much worse and I don’t usually feel it’s necessary to try and eliminate the staining.
What you see near the tip of my index finger nail is my typical residual post-patch damage. Other people don’t necessarily have that (or not that badly), but I have naturally weak, thin and brittle nails and can’t really buff away superficial damage.


Strange thing: my nails used to be fairly flat, but over the last couple of years they’ve started to curl more. They used to be similar to the pinkie nail.

For me, OPI Nail Envy has been a great investment, so far I haven’t found another treatment that works as well for me. My nails don’t peel any more and the cracks (parallel to growth direction) have vanished. When I switched to different treatments the peeling started again.
I’ve been asked before why I always apply two coats of base coat. Firstly, my nails are full of ridges (especially the thumbnails) and as I mentioned before, I can’t really buff them too often. So I generally use Nail Envy and a ridge filler (or some other self-levelling base coat) to get a smooth surface. Secondly, I don’t trust a single thin coat to prevent staining. Two coats that are left to dry thoroughly just feel like a better barrier to me.
Also, I just have a ton of treatments that didn’t do a thing lying around and I’d rather use them up than throw them out, especially those that I’ve had for years and wouldn’t feel comfortable giving to friends or selling.

With base coats on, my nails don’t look half bad:

Be glad I didn’t show you my toes, I have remarkably unattractive feet. Feel free to show me your naked nails in the comments if you want to. Normal html should work or just post the link.

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jennifer R said...

It could be all the treatments and stuff cause your applying it to often or your applying to much

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