Sunday, June 5, 2011

NotD – Chasing Mattes

Admittedly, this is a swatch with a additional matte image and not what I’d usually call NotD. But as that’s what I felt like wearing that’s what you get.
Both photos are photoshopped to display the colour as correctly as possible. Somehow I also managed to get the lighting completely different. How did I do that?

essence sun club 02 bbc chasing waves

chasing waves is a crème polish somewhere between turquoise and aquamarine, not too bright but not a pastel either. I’m rather impressed at finding a creamy and fairly opaque colour without chalkiness. I’m wearing this in two coats today, but three would have been better. After I put on the matte top coat the VNL reappeared, matte is just so unforgiving.
Though the first coat was very streaky, the second coat wasn’t and I consider chasing waves wearable from two coats on. The fairly thin consistency spreads nicely, but isn’t wont to pooling. Unlike the golden bronze polish from the same collection this bottle doesn’t have a completely wonky round brush, but it does have a couple of longer bristles.

This is chasing waves in two coats with top coat:

I felt like something simple and matte tonight so I just added a coat of essence matt top coat:

So I guess this is a bit of a filler post, but I’m just feeling lazy right now despite the rather lovely thunderstorm we had earlier today.

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