Sunday, June 26, 2011

NotD – Monochromatic Metals

I was so disappointed when I tried out my new IQ polishes. In the store two of the new shades, the pink and blue metallic ones, had a distinct green duochrome effect. Anywhere else, be it in daylight or artificial light, on the nail or in the bottle, they just are coloured metallics. I can sometimes see the barest hint of green in the bottle, but as I said: disappointing.

IQ Nail Effect 7 Metallic Blue

Metallic Blue is a cool-toned medium blue metallic polish. I don’t think I have any blues like this, not because it’s all that special, but because it’s just not my kind of blue. If not for that fake duochrome look at the store I wouldn’t have bought it. But it is a nicely pigmented polish, two coats are fully opaque.
Like all metallic polishes (other than foils) this has very noticeable brush marks. But Metallic Blue’s viscosity is lovely and it applies smoothly and neatly. The brush is round and rather slender and plays nicely with the formula.
On a side note, I really like the bottle design. I like the conical bottle, the matte black cap, just pretty.

This is Metallic Blue in two coats with top coats after a couple of days, so please excuse the crack in the index finger nail:

IQ Nail Effect 4 Metallic Purple

I find it strange that this colour is named Metallic Purple, as it’s clearly a pink metallic polish. Like the blue one, this is not a colour I would naturally reach for and I mostly picked it up for the duochrome look. And like before, this is opaque in two coats.
In texture and application Metallic Purple is identical to its blue sibling.

Here’s Metallic Purple in two coats with top coat:

I thought I’d do a bit of sponging with these two colours, just adding some silver (China Glaze Millennium) to balance the colour scheme. It looks kind of flag-y now, doesn’t it?

I’m finally having some luck again, as this post was rescued from my formerly dead laptop (it runs pretty well with a new hard drive, I’m happy with my new PC nevertheless). So no nubbins today!
What made you happy recently?

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