Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swatch – NYX Girls Robotic

I’ve used this polish quite a bit recently, but somehow I never got around to actually swatching it.

NYX Girls NP139 Robotic

Robotic is a mind-blowing polish, the slightly sheer black base is packed with blue and green microglitter, which result in the illusion of a blue/teal/green shift. The glitter is visible even in low light. The overall opacity is all right, three coats are perfect.
I found Robotic easy to apply, the formula is rather thin, but since the brush doesn’t hold a lot of polish it isn’t prone to pooling. The polish evens out at two coats. I adore this polish, both for the colour and because the glitter doesn’t align with the brush strokes. The brush itself is round and a bit dinky, but I had no problems with it.
Absolutely recommended! Robotic is utterly gorgeous and definitely worth checking out.

This is Robotic in two coats without top coat:

And this is Robotic in three coats with top coat:

I’m sorry about my brief hiatus. Last Saturday my laptop broke and blogging on my slow and minuscule Acer Aspire One is not fun. Feel free to look at my computer buying woes here, but please be aware that I may have cussed a bit there.
Of course I now have to get used to everything, new screen, I can’t find my Photoshop Elements and am now using GIMP again, even Windows Live Writer looks completely different than the version I used before.

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