Friday, June 3, 2011

Swatch – s.he 310

s.he 310 is so pretty, a soft minty green base with spring green shimmer, which shows up on the nail but doesn’t photograph well. It reminds me of a Catrice polish, Sold Our For Ever (310 is just a tad brighter). As you’ll see in the photo, this polish looks brighter on the nail than in the bottle. The opacity is great, two coats are all you’ll need.
This sweet green applied smoothly and evenly, without bubbling or dragging. The formula works really well. 310 has a simple round brush (similarly to 305 the brush is slightly wonky, but it didn’t cause any problems).
Overall I was pleasantly surprised by both colour and application. Recommended.

Here’s s.he 310 in two coats with top coat:

Another notch on th polish for the minty green section of my board. Are you sick of this kind of colour yet?

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