Friday, July 8, 2011

First Impression - LOOK by BIPA CutiClean Gel

In Austria affordable cuticle removers are rare. I’ve tried one from Astor and was underwhelmed, there’s a new essence one which I have yet to try, I’m sure p2 also make something, but that brand isn’t readily available. So this week I picked one up at BIPA, from their own brand (obviously) LOOK by BIPA: CutiClean Gel.
I’ve used a few treatments from that line and wasn’t impressed, though I do like the ridge filler.

This greenish gel contains “Vitamin-Pearls,” I find those gimmicky and pointless (I had exactly one blue blob after anointing all nails), put the vitamins directly into the product, please! I followed the instructions on the box - I would have preferred them to be on the bottle as I rarely keep packaging - and applied the product with the doe-foot applicator. After five minutes (the box recommended 3-5 minutes) I pushed my cuticles back with the included cuticle stick.
CutiClean Gel did remove some excess cuticle, but not more that I get rid off with my usual routine of leaving Lemony Flutter on for 15-20 minutes and the pushing back gently. And that also moisturises (the gel is supposed to be moisturising, but that’s nowhere near enough for most of us polishin’ folks).

I have one nail that’s a bit more overgrown than the rest, so I added more gel and left it on for 15 more minutes and much more was removed. Then I repeated that step on all nails and lo! much better! So if you do try CutiClean Gel, adjust the time to suit you and be sure to moisturise after removing the product.
Here’s a progression pic (click it!), the 20 minute image was taken after washing and vigorously brushing my nails to remove every last bit of loose skin.

So right now I’m not fully convinced, The fact that I had to quadruple the time recommendation doesn’t sit well with me. I will keep using CutiClean Gel, though and if my opinion changes I’ll write a follow-up.
Please keep in mind that though this product didn’t work miracles for me it might be a Holy Grail for someone else.
What’s your favourite cuticle remover?

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