Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Embellish… a French Manicure

You may know the following situation.
You’ve applied a plain French Manicure and you’re just utterly bored after a day or two. Or it’s a bit worn but you don’t have the time or motivation to fully repaint your nails.

Last time my NotD was such a plain French and today I’ll show you a four ways to embellish them and disguise chips and tipwear, ranging from the utterly basic to the silly.

  • Let’s look at the obvious first: On my pinkie there’s just a coat of sheer glitter polish. My chosen colour is green, but this could of course be any colour.
  • Then there’s another really basic option: Adding a thin stripe of colour between the white tip and nude-y nail plate. I used gold, silver is another safe choice. But if you feel like bright red or electric blue, go for it!
  • Now this is the weird and silly way: I added a thin lime green stripe at the tip to hide a little chip, a few more stripe across the nail and added some red and white dots. You don’t have to go that far. ;-)
  • And lastly, a more girly design: Again I hid some chips by covering the tip with bright pink and purple. Then I used a dotting tool to add a fat little flower.

I think I’ll make this a new series on how to embellish worn and boring manis. Whatcha think?

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