Sunday, July 31, 2011

NotD - Easy Doesn't Mean Plain

Somehow today is not a good day. I seem to be running late in everything I do. Not it’s almost 1 in the morning I haven’t even started my nails yet. But since the orchid/magenta/fuchsia polish is showing just a bit of tipwear I’ll use that as my base and I won’t do my usual step-by-step images (those eat time).

Basically I sponged on a gradient using Barry M Bright Purple and then applied a diagonal stipe of dots in dark purple, red, white and mint green. Took only 20 minutes plus drying time!

Pardon the dry cuticles, I didn’t slap on moisturiser until after I took the photo (I usually do that before even starting, but not doing a full re-paint changed that).
I feel like I’m missing a vital colour, ideas?

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