Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review - Mont Bleu Glass Files and Tweezers

Recently I was approached by a rep on behalf of Mont Bleu, offering me the opportunity to test their products. I was happy to try something new and soon received a package containing one of their glass nail files and a pair of tweezers. And you know what? They are both green, showing much more care than any other PR requests I’ve received before (note how I haven’t accepted any of those form email-type requests).
Though I got both products for free I promise that this review is unbiased and honest.

Mont Bleu is a Czech company that makes glass files and decorates many different items with Swarovski crystals. For further information and an overview of the history and range of Mont Bleu you can visit the Czech Glass Nail Files or Mont Bleu websites. The products are available at Glass Fuzion (for US customers), Design Glassware (for international customers) and a number of retailers.


The glass file I was sent is from Mont Bleu's luxury line, the green Marbles Color file. It very pretty, unsurprisingly I love the green gradient and matching variety of crystals. At 13,5 cm the file is a few millimetres shorter than my other glass files and slightly thinner (2 mm) than some. But it doesn’t feel fragile at all and unlike another rather expensive file - from a brand which shall remain unnamed - this one is double-sided. The crystals seem firmly attached, though I obviously haven’t tried to actually pick them off.
But what’s really important is the performance when it come’s to shortening and shaping the nails, and I am pleased to say that this is the best file I’ve ever used. The grit is extremely fine and still more efficient than the closest match I have in my small collection of glass files. The edge of my nails felt perfectly smooth after filing and that’s all I’m looking for, really.
If you’re not that much into sparklies, there are also plain clear and coloured files for less money - the two two online stores I mentioned above don’t sell the exact same range, so check out the one appropriate for your area.


The tweezers are quite good, I like that the green coating gives me a bit more grip. I wouldn’t want to slip while plucking my eyebrows. The slanted tip is precise and sharp, but not quite as good as my favourite pair of Tweezerman tweezers.
I’m sure they would be great for most people, but I’m obsessive when it comes to hair removal and like to remove stubble as soon as I see it. The tip of these tweezers is just a bit too bulky to reach the shortest of stubblies (mind you, I have dark hair and fair skin, so I see the regrowth before it even pokes out of the skin).
If you need tweezers to keep up your brows in a more normal way than I do and only pluck once in a while, Mont Bleu’s will work for you. Crazy folks like yours truly might need something sharper.

In conclusion: Both tools are high quality and beautifully made.
I highly recommend the glass files, they are incredibly smooth. The price is higher than your random dollar store file, but I believe that when it comes to nail files, quality is definitely worth the price. And if you’re on a budget: the undecorated files are quite a bit more affordable than the prettified ones.
Personally I wouldn’t get another pair of tweezers, but I can see more casual brow pluckers getting along with them well.

Have you tried any Mont Bleu products? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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