Friday, July 29, 2011

Swatch - MNY 174A

Is there a term for colours between pink and purple? I absolutely can’t come up with one that anyone might want to use.
Punk is out, Pirple is too close to purple and a bit to pimply, and let’s not even talk about Pinkle (German-speaking folks know what I mean). The closest I can get is Purnk. And who’d want to use that word? Maybe if I use violet: Violink? Piolet? Bleh.

Today’s polish brought this about. MNY 174A - another polish from the Island Dream LE - is a shade between Orchid and dark Fuchsia, it’s so hard for me to classify. However it’s called, this crème polish is quite lovely and reminds me a bit of Barry M Bright Purple (Bright Purple is more purple and a bit darker), which I love dearly. Not everyone might be comfortable in this colour, though. This is nice and opaque in two coats.
I almost wrote ‘or three thin coats’ but this polish tends to drag a little if there isn’t enough product on the brush. Otherwise 174A’s formula is great, not an issue in sight. I’ve said this so often now: Love, love, love MNY’s relatively narrow flat brush.

Here’s MNY 174A in two coats with top coat:

I’m really impressed by MNY’s development since it showed up in Austrian stores. There used to be so many badly pigmented, frosty, brush mark-ridden polishes and now there are more and more two-coaters, crèmes, and shimmers with perfectly dispersed particles.
And I also love most of their eyeshadows.

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