Thursday, August 4, 2011

NotD - Kawaii

I felt the need for more nail art brushes recently (from da Vinci, FYI, a German company; they also make excellent make-up brushes) and when they arrived this morning I knew that I had to use them that very day.

Recently I’ve read a lot of manga and watched quite a bit of anime, so doing something along those lines seemed appropriate. In the end I went for a almost pastel skittle base with cutesy animals (mirrored on the right hand). I’m a bit disappointed with my froggy fail, they look more like mantises. The pandas and owls are quite nice, though.
(Separate photo of the thumbnail because my arm gets all crampy when I try to show with my usual pose.)

If you have any questions about the colours I used: just ask. I won’t list 15ish polishes that nobody cares about. °.^
Now my brain keeps going “Panda, panda, panda, panda, pan-panda…” (curse you, Deerhoof!). Anyone else?

Bonus photo: Pretty brushes!

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