Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reswatch - Orly mani minis Hot Shots

Despite it being one of my oldest posts, I still get hits from people looking for swatches of these four pretty brights. So, yeah, if you want a laugh, take a look at my old swatches. I cringe in horror and embarrassment.

All of these polishes are miniature bottles and I’m very impressed by the brushes, they’re just as good as the ones found in the full-sized bottles. The four polishes are fairly sheer, but since we generally apply neons over a white base we just want them to be even, opacity would take away the glowiness. I applied two coats over a white base for all swatches and added top coat. They look a bit streaky in the photos, but are that’s not visible otherwise.

Hook Up

Hook Up is a shimmery lemony yellow almost neon polish. It’s not quite as bright and warmer than it appears on the photo.
This polish is on the frosty side of shimmery, so there are brush marks. But other than that it’s even in two coats and applies smoothly.


Holla is a true neon orange crème, unlike China Glaze neons, which are more jellyish.
This applies quite smoothly as long as the coats aren’t too thin. The formula is truly excellent.


This is second true neon crème, a gorgeous pink with a strange reddish hue, despite feeling very cool-toned. The thicker it’s applied, the warmer it becomes. Odd! I used slightly thinner coats on the index and middle finger nails, so you should be able to see this phenomenon.
Like Holla, Hottie has an excellent formula and is even in two coats.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar is not a neon at all. It’s a cute, subtly shimmery blue polish. Considering how it looks in my old swatches I suspect that this might have changed colour as it sat in my Helmer. It used to be almost turquoise, now it’s almost dusty blue. It’s a tad more opaque than the other three.
But the formula is just as amazing as the other three polishes’ and a dream to apply.

Overall I have to repeat my recommendation to go and grab this set. I don’t generally like mini polishes, because they’re usually more expensive, but if you just want to get a few brights to wear once in a blue moon These are great. Like all Orly polishes (except for those awful pastels; I’m looking at you, Lemonade) they apply beautifully and the round brushes are excellent and very precise. Most of the need to clean up the edges was due to the white base. ;-)

By the way, as of today the photos are bigger in the post itself (and depending on the new layout I’m working on the size may change again). You can still click them to go to the individual Flickr page and look at them embiggened.

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