Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Embellish… A Plain Blue Manicure

Once again we’ll look at four ways to embellish a manicure, this time it’s the undecorated blue one I wore recently.

  • index finger: Because not everyone likes diagonals as much as I do I added a stripe of bright sparkly blue right along the centre of the nail with a row of golden dots on either side. This won’t work for tipwear, but will cover dents and scratches near the centre of the nail.
  • middle finger: But because I do love diagonal stripes on my nails I added a purple stripe and silver corner. This is also meant to show you what a simple piece of masking tape can do. The edge between blue and purple was taped, the one between purple and silver I freehanded with a nail art liner. Depending on the angle and placement of the segment this can cover tipwear, chips and scratches, even lifted and broken off chunks of polish near the cuticle if you invert the design.
  • ring finger: This is one of the easiest freehand designs you can do with a striping brush or nail art liner. It even works with a dotting tool or toothpick, but I’d recommend practising with those beforehand. Just a bunch of squiggly lines, they can be wavelike or mimic zebra print… Not ideal for tip wear, but really good for hiding scratches and small dents.
  • pinkie: I haven’t done one of those in ages: a glittery gradient. An incredibly easy way to make a work-safe mani into a sparkly night-on-the-town glitterfest. I only used one glitter polish here, but this kind of mani can look even more amazing with a bunch of different ones. If the glitter has a clear base I’d recommend touching up any chips and whatnot, touch-ups never look good by themselves, but the glitter will mostly disguise that.

General Note: If you’re trying to cover missing chunks of polish you really need to start by filling in the missing piece with a nice thick base coat. Otherwise the difference in thickness will be very visible. If you have the time, I recommend topping it with a glittery polish.

I hope there was something you liked in this batch. I’m using this filler today because I just seem to be losing time. It’s almost 11 PM all of a sudden and I really need to get some work done on my new banner.
How’s your weekend going?

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