Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nail Fail - Distressingly Undistressed

I’ve had ‘distressed furniture’ on my list of inspirationy things for a while now. Back when that kind of show was on BBCprime (*pouts at BBCentertainment*) all the time I loved watching DIY shows and the often applied “Paint the Dresser and Sand the Edges” technique.

The original plan, and what I started out with, was: paint my nails brown (and seal it), then add a coat of white, one of mint and then use a brush and some polish remover to take off part of the top layers. It kind of worked, but didn’t look very nice. I then attempted to fix it my sponging the same colours over my chosen areas.
Better, but not at all what I was aiming for. I should just have done the tips, which is where you’d expect some wear.

Also, this mani really made my hands look dark and ruddy in the photos.

In unrelated news (which you already know if you follow me via twitter or Google+), I finally took my PC to the shop and the nice young man replaced the video card right away (and I got more RAM).
What’s happening with y’all?

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