Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review - essence toenail stickers

Alright, so the full name is essence show your feet nail fashion sticker for toes, but I’m not putting that in the title.
DON’T PANIC!* There are no toes visible in this post. I do not intend to ever show you my feet.
*(excuse me, yelling and large friendly letters rather look alike)

I hate painting my toenails, I always mess up and paint more skin than nail (well, almost). So recently I tried one of those ‘dry polish’ kind of things (mine were from LOOK by BIPA, but think Incoco or Sally Hansen) and I was really happy. With an added bit of top coat they lasted a couple of weeks with very minor chipping. Since those were meant for fingernails I thought it would be a great idea to buy these essence stickers, hoping they’d be nicely sized (and I was lured by the holo-ness which should have tipped me off, but shopping before having breakfast always makes me stupid o.O).
*wrinkles nose*

Yeah. The essence ones are plastic-y foil stickers, not dry polish ones. They’re really easy to apply and quite pretty, but they’re not all that sticky and the biggest ones aren’t wide enough for my big toes (which aren’t abnormally large). Also I couldn’t get them to stick on my pinkie toes, which have the tiniest, dinkiest nails possible. I’m guessing they need a certain minimum surface to adhere properly.
If you just want to wear something cute for a couple of days, they’ll probably work fine. And I’m positive that the stickers will peel off rather than chip, but honestly: I expect to find little bits of rolled up plastic in my socks next time I put on shoes.

Final verdict:

  • easy to apply and remove
  • pretty, won’t chip
  • you may have to turn the stickers sideways and cut them to size
  • don’t stick that well, if your shoe rubs across the nail (like a strappy sandal) they may peel off

I really wish I hadn’t spent any money on these stickers. While I’m sure there are folks out there who love wearing them, I just don’t expect them to last the promised five days. Hell, I can see them lift a little right now.
Not recommended. Dry polish stickers are a bit harder to apply, but they will last a good while.
Somehow it seems than anything called a ‘fashion’-anything is made to not last more than the minimum time span for whatever kind of product it is. That’s rather sad.

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