Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swatch - Color Club Blue-Topia

I spent a while plotting and pondering about what kind of nail art to do tonight, but the whole thing was pointless. I’m utterly in love with this colour and it’s beyond excellent all by itself.

Color Club Blue-Topia

It’s no secret that I love blackened colours in general and blackened blues in particular. Blue-Topia is an extraordinary specimen of that genus. It’s not just a blackened blue, it’s a jelly. On the nail it looks like dried-out thick ink, but when I held my nails in front of a lamp (which I like to do to see how streaky a polish really is and if I need another coat) it was exactly the colour of royal blue ink. Wikipedia disagrees with me, but I checked it against my bottle of ink and it was an exact match. So there. I applied two coats, there’s just a hint of translucency left, but it’s a jelly. It’s supposed to do that, right?
And it’s not just a pretty polish, Blue-Topia applied very smoothly. The first coat was streaky, but I was surprised that the second coat was even and just opaque enough to rock. There were a couple of bubbles, but I’m trying a new base coat, that might be at fault. The standard round brush works well, not my favourite, though.
I’ve probably given it away already: So bloody awesome! Go buy!

Here’s Blue-Topia in two coats with top coat:

Bonus image: When I removed Happy Rainbow Time this pretty thing happened:

I semi-related news: I ordered some stuff for blending some new nail oil. The next day I found my remaining supplies, but you can never have too much skin-friendly oils, methinks. I never liked my old dropper bottles, so I also ordered a couple different containers.
What’s your favourite oil blend and current favourite polish?

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