Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Flakies Project - Part One

I promised to do skittle swatches of my flakies (not that I have many) and this is how it will work:
Until I’m happy with the combinations I’ve covered I will post as frequently as I can, applying the same base colour on each nail and different flakies on each finger. Since I currently own a mere half-dozen flakies, I’ve decided to break them up into two sets per base colour, leaving the pinkie in just the chosen base colour and applying three flakies one the other nails (let’s pretend that I don’t have thumbs right now).
All base colours will be crème or jelly polishes as mixing in shimmers and glitters might be confusing; I want all glitteriness to come from the flakies themselves. I’ve got a whole bunch of colours to use as my potential bases, but only a few have truly been chosen. So feel free to request something, be it a specific polish or a general colour, I’ll do my best to include it (or something similar if I don’t own the one you named).

When viewing the following images, please remember that swatching any kind of glitter is a pain in the tush and there will be random flakies on the skin. I spent hours swatching for just these few images, you can easily see how hard it was on my skin. In some photos the lighting and skin tone will look odd, but y’know: it’s the polish that counts.
As always, click on any image to get to its Flickr page and view it there however big you want.

The flakies are Golden Rose Scale Effect 04, 05, 06, 08, 10, and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

  • 04 - clear base, flakies flash mostly cool green to golden green with the odd red or blue one
  • 05 - yellow base, flakies flash golden green to orange-gold
  • 06 - blue base (looks more intense in the bottle than on the nail), flakies flash blue (with just a hint of purple) to warm green, a few red flakies
  • 08 - clear base, flakies flash orange-red most strongly, but there’s blue, pink, green, and yellow
  • 10 - pink base, flakies flash orange-red with hints of magenta
  • Hidden Treasure - clear base, flakies are slightly smaller and flash golden orange

on essence white hype:

on Rimmel 60 seconds 805 Grey Matter:

on essence black out:

So, yeah. Don’t judge flakies by the bottle. Some look very different in the bottle, but almost identical on the nail. For others, the opposite is true.
As a general rule, the bases are very sheer, Golden Rose 10 is the exception here (it will probably look quite odd over greens or yellows). If you order online, google proper swatches first; if you’re at the store, tilt and enjoy. Mostly, the strongest colour is the only thing that really shows up.

I originally planned to do this daily for a week, but I don’t think my cuticles or nails could handle that, so I’ll mix the comparisons between regular NotDs. So far I haven’t decided on how I’ll group the other base colours, maybe I’ll do them by colour, maybe split by pasel/brights/darks. We’ll see.
And as I said before: feel free to request. I might completely forget one absolutely vital shade or another.

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