Monday, November 21, 2011

Swatch - China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Blue Sparrow, how I don’t know how to feel about you…

I was sort of disappointed when I applied Blue Sparrow. I remember seeing a gorgeous swatch somewhere, but for me it just looked pretty with odd speckles. I wanted glorious glitter, bright blue, amazing transformation when seen in daylight (though there was no full-on sun the days I wore it, maybe I can still hope). Nope. It’s nice, but almost a dud for me. The lowish opacity didn’t particularly surprise me, ‘cause glitters tend to be like that. Four coats are fine, five if you’re obsessed with opacity.
The application was pretty standard, I had no real trouble. The formula is a bit thin and runny, so take care to prevent pooling/flooding your cuticles.Blue Sparrow was free of streaks in two coats, so if you want a sheer wash that works very nicely. So application-wise I’d have to call this polish unremarkable. As I’ve said so often: China Glaze polishes always have a good round brush.

Here’s Blue Sparrow in two coats without top coat (pardon the funky ring finger nail, that patch wasn’t playing nicely):

And here’s Blue Sparrow in four coats with Seche Vite:

This is an older swatch, so don’t be surprised if my nails look different in the post. Nubbins everywhere (my tears finally grew out far enough and chopping the nails off left me with but one patch).
Also I was whistling randomly today and suddenly had a huh moment when I had somehow ended up whistling Mambo Italiano. Very Odd.

How are y’all? And if you have Blue Sparrow, what are your thoughts?

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