Friday, November 4, 2011

*shuffles around awkwardly*

Despite the content of my last tweet, I have not sunk into a drunken stupor.
I’m feeling the urge to apologise for my absence, but I don’t really want to since it’s not like I’m obligated to post on a specific schedule. However I will explain briefly without making silly excuses. The fact that I’ve been slipping from cold into cold for well over a month is not a good reason, I get that every year. o.O

Though I haven’t made it a recurring topic on this blog I haven’t made it a secret that I suffer from depression and social anxiety. And while I usually don’t react too strongly to seasons, this autumn my issues banded together, gathered a variety of blunt instruments (and in some cases nail-studded clubs), and smacked me quite firmly with them.

I have been utterly uninspired to do anything more interesting than a plain colour and couldn’t be arsed to actually write up something about them. I have some cute Halloween-themed stickers that would have taken just a few minutes to post about, but nope. Not possible.

Today I’m feeling a bit better and hopefully this will start a bit of a trend for me. And I can only hope that this will mean I’ll feel inspired to post again.
And while some of you might think this is odd, I shall disable comments on this post since nice, supportive comments will make me bawl and I’ve done enough of that already.

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