Monday, December 5, 2011

Colour Me Baffled

Warning! This post contains my face with very little make-up (and barely-there brows, since I was too lazy to emphasise them properly *sadface*), If you’re afraid of double-chins and moles on noses, go no further.

The point here: I’ve had a long, unsatisfying relationship with my hair. Like many women I haven’t ever had a good cut (other than “just trim the very ends, no layers” in my longer-haired phases). My hair went from awesome big curls (toddler) to dead straight (kindergarten), then there was a phase of having it cut short enough for the texture to be unnoticeable. When I let it grow out again it was pretty wavy, but over the last decade or so it slowly got straighter again (so it’s a gentle wave now, I suppose).

For the past five years or so I’ve been cutting my own hair, since I refuse to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a cut I don’t like. There’ve been ups and downs, but my current asymmetric cut is pretty neat, if I say so myself (though I do need a trim, especially the short side).
Generally I wash my hair not long before going to bed, because sleeping on damp hair can enhance the waviness.

So cut to today.
I washed my face, looked up into the mirror and went “Whu? *blink* *snort* This is… awesome!” My hair was completely flat on the short side (which it always is), but the other side was doing this amazing messy almost-curl thing. Sis was walking past a minute later and I couldn’t but tell her to come look at my Jekyll and Hyde hair, which led to her insisting I take photos and y’know a photo ain’t worth anything unless someone you’ve never met gets to snicker about it, too.

So here’s the short side (pardon the random debris in the background):

And the messy thing (no styling products were used, I didn’t even use any treatments or conditioners):

Super happy with the layered glitter I have on my nails right now, so expect to see that soon. And yes, I really need to sort through my stacks of 90s VHS tapes soon, I haven’t watched any in years and they take up so much space.
I’m feeling nosy! What’s your hair like? Has it changed a lot over the years?


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