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Mini Review - Glossybox Austria

After some pondering I decided to go ahead and write this in English. After all, at least some of the products are available to y’all.
And before I go into the details I feel I need to give you a heads up: not everyone likes the concept of sample-boxes. Yes, samples are meant to be free. Well, with purchase. If you frequently go to the same store, are a sweet-tempered customer and don’t go in the busiest of hours you may get samples just because. But most stores give a specified number of samples from a very limited range of products and they are always tiny. The point of the sample-boxes is to distribute more generous sizes and I think that makes sense. I won’t buy a moisturiser after trying it for three days or so, my skin can be a bitch. It’s even worse for bodylotion and shampoo, which usually come in single-use sachets.
If you must tell me how this is all a scam, please feel free to do so, but don’t expect me to agree.

And now: to the actual reviewin’:

Recently I received an email informing me that from now on, the Glossybox would be available in Austria, too. I considered for a while and then decided that I easily spend the same amount of money on stuff I don’t like and that I could just funnel some of those funds into that direction. (In case that wasn’t clear enough: I paid for this box.)
I call this a mini review, because I’m not going to wait until I’ve properly tested the skincare and such, ‘cause then I won’t ever remember to write this up. I also don’t know if I’ll make this a regular feature, if half the Austrian beauty blogs do reviews I’ll probably stop since they’re bound to do a better job. :-D

Here’s what I got in a pretty red and green Christmas edition box:

01 Maria Galland Hydra Lift Yeux 100: This is described as a light eye gel-cream. At 5 ml the sample is pretty big for an eye cream, especially as the full size contains 15 ml (at € 45.00 o.O Eeep. So technically that alone is worth more than we pay for the box plus shipping.)
The pump-dispenser is weirdly elongated, but I have to give it to whoever designed the bottle: it’s quite pleasing to the eye and I found it very easy to get the correct amount of product on the first try. My very sensitive peepers didn’t complain at all and my skin feels moisturised without being sticky.
I usually steer away from anything other than pure gels because creams just sit on my skin and never get absorbed, Hydra Lift Yeux seems to work well for me so far. Depending on how long this sample lasts might consider getting the full size, but I find the price rather high.
Also, I keep getting thinking of Herakles lifting the hydra with his eyes. Weird? Moi?

02 Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo: I like this shampoo. It lathers nicely, even though I trained myself to use the proper (i.e. very small) amount of product a long time ago. The scent is very neutral, my hair feels soft and isn’t straight and limp, which is what usually happens when I use something hydrating. I wouldn’t say I’ve seen more volume, but I never encountered shampoo that can do that to my meagre wisps of hair.
At € 16.25 per 300 ml I can’t see myself repurchasing this. I do have cheaper shampoo that works perfectly fine for me.

03 Babor Glossy Liplite 01: I’ve owned lipgloss with a mirror and LEDs before and I find that needlessly gimmicky (and I do like a nice gimmick in general). How often have you thought ‘oh noes, I have to reapply my gloss and it’s just too dark to do so?’ 
The gloss is full-sized (7 ml), but I’m not too impressed. The colour looks like a pretty shimmery coral-pink in the tube, but is a basic shimmery pink on my lips. It lasts a few hours and is just a little sticky. I find it way overpriced at € 16.50 and have seen the same quality for a fraction of the price.
I definitely won’t get a second tube. It’ll take me forever to get through this anyway and while it’s a useable gloss it just doesn’t stand out.
Mirela has a pretty swatch!

04 OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts: My first reaction was ‘yay, polish,’ followed by ‘meh, miniature’ and ‘ick, mushroom.’ It’s nice to see some OPI in this box, but the colour is not my cup of tea and I’m generally not impressed by OPI’s minis. The caps are uncomfortable to hold and the brush just sucks. I’ll withhold the final judgement until I’ve properly swatched the polish (soon on this here blog), though, as Scrangie’s swatch looks quite greyish. From the description card it seems that they also sent out bottles of Honk if You Love OPI, which would have been infinitely preferable to me.
I obviously won’t be buying French Quarter for Your Thoughts in full size (.5 fl. oz, which is slightly under the supposed 15 ml), especially at € 16.00. Way overpriced in my opinion.

05 Biotherm Bodylotion  Lait Corporel: This one I like again. I love the fresh citrusy scent and how easily it sinks into the skin. It certainly outperforms some of the creams and lotions I’ve tried over the years and my skin is beautifully hydrated, bit like I said about the shampoo above: I have products that work as well at less than € 27.50 per 400 ml.
If you have horribly dry skin, though, this might be amazing for you (but make sure you get a trial size first).

Even though I’m happy with the products I got in my first Glossybox, the only thing I may possibly get in full size, depending on how far it goes, is the eye gel. And I kind of doubt even that, because The Body Shop’s Elderflower Eye Gel works perfectly fine for me so far.
I do think that this box was worth the € 10 (just under 12 with shipping), we’ll see if the following kits are as nice.
Have you ordered any of this kind of boxes? If not, which ones would you like to try most? I’d just love to get a Whimseybox. Crafty samples FTW (of course it’s US only :-( ).

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