Thursday, January 12, 2012

NotD - Is It 2012 Already?

Huh, it’s the new year already. How did that happen?
I don’t even know why I have been reluctant to post recently, I’m not that sick, nor feeling that down. *shrugs*
I’m feeling lazy still, so here’s a quick post without preview or products list. On New Year’s Eve I wore a pretty purple mani with iridescent glitter near the tips.

LOOK by BIPA 105 mystic is, if I remember correctly, from a previous LE of very dark shimmering jewel-toned polishes. This rich warm purple is densely packed with pinkish shimmer particles and well-pigmented. Two coats are opaque.
I found this polish fairly easy to apply. It’s a little thick and I had more to clean up than usual, but it levelled well and was only a little streaky at first. I’ve seen better formulae, but I didn’t have significant issues. The brush is round and pretty decent.
In my opinion the gorgeous colour is worth the little extra effort.

Here’s mystic in two coats with top coat, you can barely make out that it’s purple:

Then I added a little sparkle with China Glaze Snow Globe (I hope the current re-release is formulated a little differently, mine is horribly thick and no matter which thinner I use it just thickens again within days).

Since Christmas I haven’t changed my polish much, so I’m only a couple of posts behind with blogging. Frightening, isn’t it?

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